Our suffering comes from the feeling of not belonging: 
“What if you could see the world the way I see the world, where no one is a stranger?” – Travel Bum

Travel Bum Coaching

Why Our Dating System is Simply Different

Travel bum didn’t invent psychotherapy to help heal you from your false idea of your self and potential; he didn’t invent Zen Awakening or shadow work, or the path to reclaim power from an overbearing father, but he did train and master these, combined with being the best cold approacher and coach on the planet, we are in the business of real transformation, reaching far beyond the new institution called “seduction.”

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In comparison with other schools that we have worked with, advised, consulted for, it has become clear that we are teaching the only complete system. In fact, with the vision of Travel Bum’s NON-seduction training in zen, embodiment psychotherapy, shadow work and non-dual integration, the curriculum is structured to heal the failures of every seduction school out there.

We are committed to resolving the anxiety patterns repeated over and over by students, and we are lucky to be at the horizon of something deep and revolutionary.

People usually think they need to get girls to get happy. But the paradigm that men are discovering all over the globe is that you need to get happiness to get girls. You need to become a man create fear around the bad side of pickup and reinforce the good side.

The entire paradigm has been flawed for a while. After all, women can spot pickup artists’ lies; women have seen every trick in the book and will call you out on your bullshit, or be disgusted by you, or feel that you are predatorial and want sex independently from her wants and the necessary respect for her as a human being. 

In our company, these flaws are seen and recognized not because they happen to be popular problems in the world today; they are seen and recognized because all our coaches have trained for decades and emerge authentically from traditions of human equality, power, leadership, trauma-healing, ego-transcending practices, and true attraction. Read more about what you will learn in a workshop after reading the History of Pickup.


go to the root of the problem

The History of Pickup

Pickup is 20 years old and disappointing women and men quickly at a staggering rate. Every seduction school in the 2020’s will definitively die in the next 10 years without what we are teaching.

• We care in ways that other places don’t, because we are coming from Non-Dual Awakening, not object attainment, or scoring.
• We are trained in ways that other places aren’t: zen, embodiment psychotherapy, shadow work and non-dual integration. 
• We are concerned with changing your life as a basis to changing your relationships

Old School Pick-Up

In the old days of seduction, guys were looking for techniques. pickup lines, magic tricks etc. Something sure, something safe, a base to rely on despite the challenge or the circumstance, or the degree of her physical beauty, or the amount of alcohol he’d consumed.

The "Natural Schools"

As a response to the “the pickup artists,” the natural schools emerged, as an alternative to the clinical, technical, inauthentic, well-planned, value or prestige demonstrations that were being taught.

It makes sense that seduction schools started promoting this free flowing approach which promised it would be easier to talk to women, to find things to say, and to not get lost in your head after that pickup line or magic trick.

Old School Pick Up

The Failure of Natural Game

The interesting thing is that the natural schools didn’t achieve that. it didn’t help. We are qualified to say this because most of our students are disgruntled students from the natural schools. 

In fact, having monitored the students’ full range of challenges and process’s at the then top natural seduction school, Travel Bum was called the “supernatural,” and the greatest of all the naturals” by the staff.

In this school he saw guys getting totally lost in conversation, looking for things to say, counting their breaths before the girl walked away and left him rejected. 

And the interesting thing that he saw was that guys still reverted to technique – because it’s safe – repeating the same things to girls, asking the same strain of questions, trying to physically escalate in the same ways.

The Real Work

The problem is that guys never did feel at home. Not even the coaches at the top natural schools felt at home around strangers.

And so now, with the training that only Travel Bum and his team have gone through, we are revolutionizing the industry. The greatest natural and the most highly evolved, scientific or technical system are combining to fix this broken industry and above all a broken culture of men who feel helpless around women.

Yes, the irony is that Travel Bum – the natural’s natural – is teaching a totally technique based system. 

Upcoming Workshops

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Card Coach Andrew


He has a specialty in using 25 years of meditation to help men and women break down their sense of interpersonal anxiety to have an unconsciously unified connection. Andrew is a certified teacher in non-dual meditation and embodiment psychotherapy in The Realization Process of Non-Duality. He was famous for a web series called The Travel Bum Show, devoted to learning the dating customs and social dynamics of different cultures around the world. It had millions of views and inspired many men across the globe.



as a somatic modality to end interpersonal anxiety.

Interpersonal anxiety

Stems from not feeling good inside your own skin, with the added pressure of being in the presence of someone who amplifies the areas within yourself that you aren’t comfortable with.

Relational atunement

is about a real feeling or “felt-sense” of shared experience, between two people. This felt-sense with strangers is as real as the feeling of bumping into an old friend. 

Relational atunement is the motor for calibrating all your words, thoughts, timing, voice, posture etc, and is the bridge between you and her that corrects the feeling that there is  a stranger here, for both of you.



as a necessary process of reclaiming independence and dignity regardless of the context.

The Importance of Shadow Work

Are you willing to get really curious and honest about all those parts of yourself that you’ve denied and hid under the rug? Shadow work integration is the often uncomfortable process of facing your repressed sub-personalities and suppressed emotions in order to reclaim them back into your being so that you can grow up and show up as an integrated man. 


Embodiment Psychotherapy

to heal unconscious traumas.

Healing Yourself

All of us have gone through one form of trauma or another during childhood resulting in the blocking of the flow of experience throughout the body. 

Throughout an unexamined life, we unconsciously carry these wounds and traumatic events within the subtle body, and in turn are at the mercy of the very protective behaviors we’ve developed in order to cope with those wounds.

Together we gently explore those wounds and slowly release holding patterns in the energetic system so that feeling good inside our own skin is primary. 



The best approach coaches in the business.

Approaching as a Natural Desire

We honestly don’t know anyone else offering what we offer, and teaching what we teach.

The short reason is most coaches and students aren’t aware of – or even looking for – a completely integrated approach to awakening and evolving as mature, whole and complete human beings.

This is why we can’t help but see and point out deficiencies and limitations in current seduction / pickup / life coaching schools, with honestly no other purpose but to inform people like you more adequately on how to fix the well instead of the sink.

We’ve not only been there as students and teachers, but we’ve most importantly always been rooted in a wide range of fundamental practices, teachings and healing modalities such as the disciplined and eloquent world of Zen, right down to spiritual psychotherapy and integral shadow work.


On-Going Thoughts

“You can not change the existing pattern of thought by using the existing pattern of thought.” We use zen practices to penetrate this problem.

Zen Practice

On one hand a voice in your mind says THIS, yet on the other hand another voice says: THAT. You cannot reconcile these two opposing voices by replacing the two voices with different voices. 

You still have opposition. Despite all your efforts to change mindsets, how does one go beyond the conflict? Zen practice allows us to observe the perspective of a contracted ego frozen in fear from a selfless, witnessing perspective that is unchanging, undamaged and totally whole. 


Non-dual Methodology

Non-dual methodology to bring lasting joy into the body and the mind. “Not getting girls to get happiness. Getting happiness to master all relationships.”

End the Feeling of Separation

Lasting joy comes from the practice of dissolving any unconscious attachments, or aversions in our behavior, leaving our mind body and energy system unconditionally open, receptive and clear.

We are concerned with helping you feel good inside your own skin, so that you realize that the whole bucket list of objects you desired were just abstract extensions of an original seed of contentment that you were never encouraged to water in yourself.

Start here, and watch all of your relationships fall into harmonious place.  


Transcending Pickup

From “in-your-head” to “natural” to “super-natural”.

Pick-Up can Reinforce Your Wounds

Expose the subtlest parts of her social defenses as well as your own social defenses and destroy  “the game” for good.

End the need to see her as an object arising from your fear and your reliance on strategy, as you find real power and heart in your voice, dignity, and the blood coursing through your body.


Vocal Training & Unlocking Your Expression 

Speaking your truth has more to do with your entire body’s state of relaxation than you think.

Knowing what to say can only get you so far with a blocked throat chakra. This area in the center of the neck -  in the very core of your throat -  is the passage that allows energy to move through between the bottom areas of your body and your head. What would you sound like if your sexuality, power and heart were speaking? What you express is driven by how deeply and fully you inhabit the rest of your body. From here, we will look at how conscious you are about your actual intention, tonality and cadence. We will discover the many unconscious ways in which you so often abandon yourself when you communicate, and we will practically help you reclaim your birthright to deeply compelling speech.


Learn how to communicate in a totally connected way.

Complete Openness

Openness is not an attitude. The mind can actually re-wire the ego’s protective patterns. We will practice this including body transparency, making “social-freedom” exercises redundant or nonsense.

Embodied Trust

Ever wonder why you’re actually nervous around others? You’re afraid of others because your unconscious mind is split from your conscious mind. The unconscious mind is just your body: the blood knows where to go. The lungs know to breathe. The stomach digests. Realize yourself as your entire body and break the mental reverb due to this split.

Instinctual Social Calibration

From cracking jokes to calling her out on her bullshit, to coming up with spontaneous and creative thoughts, to getting her number, to careful approach technique, to social intelligence, to sexual escalation, we will use the practices of steadying the mind, deepening the awareness and awakening subtleties of communication to arouse a totally natural and instinctive compass of social calibration.

Visceral Grounding

Learn to detect and track your body’s anxiety impulses, as they paralyze or choke you up. develop the muscle memory to keep this energy where it belongs – in your centre, not with thoughts up in your head.

Realized Joy

The self-realized body produces joy all by itself. Why are you unhappy? Your thoughts would not be a problem if there were not a body to suffer them. In this process, you realize the natural state of the body & mind as contentment. Cut out the alcohol and learn to harness this energy like your own natural ego-softening cocktail.

Spontaneous Inclusion

With the use of over 30 non-duality exercises, we learn to feel and mirror the other peron’s awareness, emotional and physical reality, and we come home to a shared sense of experience. The attunement to a COMMON GROUND brings us home to the relaxedness and spontaneity that we have around friends and family. No one is a stranger anymore.