Am I Allowed to Approach Her?

If you feel good, you will make her feel good. If you feel that you belong to her, she will feel that you belong with her.

If at any given moment you practice inhabiting the space you are in, then immediately you allow her to effortlessly desire to share that space with you.

That’s when the walls crumble down

Taking up space is not about being the center of attention, it’s about placing your attention inside your body, and experiencing that you are the very center of your reality: a radical shift away from feeling separation, and into a deeply stable state of belonging.

You must allow yourself to remain open to all momentary experiences; the anxious you, the fearful you, the tense you, and most fundamentally, you must be seasoned in allowing yourself to include how inspired you feel to approach her, no matter who she is, no matter how she looks, and no matter who is around.

How long will you let people who don’t live in your house tell you that you don’t belong?

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