Putting on a Bandaid Before Getting Injured

Putting On A Bandaid Before Getting Injured

Let’s play a game:

Can you be drunk and sober at the same time?

Can you be deeply concerned for someone and at the exact same time be worried what they think of you?

Are you able to be in Paris and London at the same time?

Anxiety is actually that simple.

It is unfocused fear, propelled by overthinking your own needs. Not hers.

It is not unusual for men to try to put on a bandaid before getting injured, but it is possible to correct this false intuition.

In fact there is a clear recipe to break this pattern, and the reward at the end is the ability to express yourself, deeply, fearlessly, for real.

The mindsets of fun, adventure, and creativity vs. the mindset of “What if I lose her interest?” are literally opposite poles in the compass of your mind.

If you don’t know this, in the same way as you can know whether you’re sober or drunk, it’s because you have a blind spot (a shadow).

In our shadow work program, we unlock a NON-CONCEPTUAL direct experience of true expression, so that the “magnetics” of your instinct and intention can bypass your impotent overthinking.

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