I’m Back!

I’m Back!

I’m Back!

Here’s a trailer to my new show: BaeTimeStories, which is all about what’s happening AND NOT HAPPENING in the bedroom. TRUE TRAVELBUMS WILL LOVE THIS:

Bae Time Stories Trailer

Now here is something I would like to share with you. It is a letter I received today from a guy who enrolled in a seduction workshop at another company. Read, and read my response.

Hi travelbum,

This really sounds great, I am committed to a workshop with __ so it seems unlikely that I will participate on yours, but it really sounds like something I would prefer to do.

A question though: how do you stick non duality into someone ‘s head in such a short time? I would think it requires years or meditation and/or large doses of psychedelics.



Yes, years. I’m still deepening. That’s why it’s a month. In my four years of standard seduction coaching, I saw only one student who just needed a kick in the ass to send him on a massively abundant dating path. Ironically, he still does weekly non-duality sessions to work through underlying goals. 
   The key is that the relational attunement exercises and “the Realization Process of Non-Duality” are the fastest paths I’ve come across so far, directly dealing with the underlying goals. I’ve found that people also need past-history and parental trauma-release work. These are processes. I really don’t want to pitch this course as a “product.” I have been on dozens of Zen and non-duality retreats (and I started going on them in order to find more ease and confidence around women) for a sustainable lifestyle.

The “kick in the ass to send you on your way” is the “product” angle, and the reason why guys will spend thousands of dollars just to have a babysitter tell them to run up to a girl.
Although you get a huge kick in the ass on my workshop, most students need way more, and sadly they only discover that once they get on a workshop. As you know, and as I said in my last email, there are two sides to this process – the relational (conversation skills, approach, calibration, logistics etc) and the absolute freedom, which is steady, solid and not relational/relative. So, in short, although we’re going for the whole hog – the whole enchilada – non-dual safety – on my workshops, comparing my path to other courses would be like comparing the freedom you see in a soaring bald eagle to the “naturalness” of a dog learning to sit at a table and eat with his hands. A dog can learn. 

We can all learn, but, when you look at the level of mastery or internal freedom actually present in other coaches, you must learn to see duality. In fact, the curriculums are structured around dualist or “seduction” mindsets. Like the rest of us, they are working out their journey. But there is a whole other approach, geared towards a life of joy, intimacy, instinctive response, unity and grace. 

After an approach workshop, I want people to continue working, to go on more (and cheaper-than-my non-duality+dating) workshops, as I work to build an ongoing year long residential program. The month long is just my beginning. 

Thanks for your email. Use your existing workshop to develop more interpersonal awareness. “Xcompany” provides a good structure for things to start bubbling up in you. Making the right sense of it when you go back home from the workshop will require that you continue however, and continue in a complete system, in the right communities, if liberation is your goal. My workshops aren’t for everyone. 

Andrew Lindy
Founder of Travelbum Productions

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