Meet my new Girlfriend

Meet my new Girlfriend

Meet my new Girlfriend

Lets kick this off with a bang!!

BANG!, meet my new girlfriend! Watch part one of “What do you do when you love a girl more than she loves you?!”

What do you do if you love a girl more than she loves you?
I know you’ve missed Travel Bum. So have I. Next Week I will send you more Travel Bummy stuff. But now, here’s the news:

I have started a brand new company. No, let’s not call it a company; let’s call it Home or…LIFE-the-answer-to-the-universe-YOU-HER-WE-joy-peace-42-your-birthright-simplicity-brothers-journeying-together. It is also the realest opportunity to find out what made me who I am, allowing me to connect spontaneously with krazillions and brazillions of people without feeling that anyone is a stranger.

In the three videos below, you’ll see EXACTLY what people go through on my workshops, why I needed to create this format and content, and how I have molded and customized the most effective system for connecting with people. Period.

I must tell you that the reason why starting my own business has got me happier than a pig in shit is because the ability to walk through the streets, breathing the streets, feeling that no one is a stranger, goes much MUCH further than seduction and seduction training, or anything else that I have seen out there. There is a world of awoken-naturalness that makes everything insufficient in comparison.

I have applied over 25 years of Zen training, Non-duality and psychotherapy training, 10’s of THOUSANDS of approaches, the greatest travel-dating webseries on Earth – Travel Bum – (before vlogging was invented,) 3 years of co-coaching with the best coaches on the planet – James Marshall is a beast – into what I can now say is a complete system.
Hell, just watch these three videos, much easier that way

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First things first,


The dates for my two big workshops will be: June 2nd to June 30th, in Prague, and August 26th to September 22nd, In Kiev. 2019.

3 day workshops will be scheduled according to demand.


Before I ever thought of meeting a girl – from the time I was 10 years old – I could not understand my own social fears. I could not understand how sometimes I felt judged and other times I did not. I could not make sense of the feeling that there was a world ‘out there’ seen by ‘me in here.’ Why was my world of judgment changing all the time – depending on mood, time of day, focus after exercise, alcohol consumption – and which world was the real world and what could it mean to feel really safe once and for all?


Pickup-coaching is about 40 years old; people are just now understanding that seduction and self-discovery are not two separate things. It has taken us a long time – from pickup lines and “The Game” into “direct approaches” and talk about naturalness, to start to see where this is really going. And where the future is going happens to be wayyyyy wayyy back. For clear reasons, our broken culture is caught up in the institution of dating coaches. (“Broken culture” refers to a strained and unresolved past sexual revolution, gender-neutral cultures with passive men and a huge lack of male mentors, profound power and insecurity complexes with VERY little guidance to help STOP people from growing the same problems; an underlying traditionalism and acquisitive fear in society.)
Dating coaching is changing soooo quickly, so often, and has a personality that is entirely ‘of the generation.’ The generation is real, but these changes are happening over a very rich history of thousands of years of enlightenment training, non-duality training, ego-release and lasting transformation, plus intimacy practice that no other seduction school is practicing**. It makes sense; we just recently got to seduction; it’s so young, and our generation is so receptive to seduction. But that’s half the battle. There is another half.

(**There is no one else that I am aware of who is teaching intimacy and approach from an awoken non-dual place. I have come across some coaches who understand spiritual awakening as the goal for students, but the coaches had not had any lasting awakening, and this is a problem, and makes things very inefficient. Why? Because the coach can’t act as the necessary mirror to a student. The student does not realize the false-self directly, but only as an idea. And this is a waste of time, and often more confusing. At very least, it is inefficient.

Although I was aware of this inefficiency, it was not until I saw the results of longer workshops that I stopped trying to squeeze seduction into our problems, like a hemorrhoid cream; seduction is not an ointment for problems, it is the playful outcome after having healed yourself from the root. I have developed this workshop in this way, so we could enjoy intimacy, approaching and connecting from a FUNDAMENTALLY unblocked place, for now, and for the rest of your life.

There are powerful narratives out there that will feel like you have jumped into a cool lake on a painfully hot day, but the water starts to get cold, not cool; self-invention dries up, and you have nowhere to go. I have seen many people offer narratives to get you half-way out of steamy hell, but unfortunately, half is not good enough.)

The self-invention that you see in Travel Bum and desire in yourself is only possible from deep lasting inner stillness and radical openness practices (don’t think Social freedom exercises). I help point you directly to what is NOT YOU, in order that you can create the identity of your true-self’s desire.
Coaches are coaches. They are not teachers.


The biggest question I get at the start of a workshop is “will I be able to keep these new skills after I go home?” The 30 day workshop is about actual realization, instilling a NORMALIZED lifestyle of approach habits, cultural trauma healing, non-dual awakening, social and parental freedom through therapy and shadow work. It is about REAL change and real natural habits.

For the 3 day workshops, I’m just going to quote one student:: “If you want to shoot through some limiting beliefs and get the tools to break the ice of approaching, this is an immediate cure.” At the same time you begin your non-dual training, do some deep pair work with role play models and enter into a year’s worth of self-awareness insights.

All workshops cover:

Approaching, calibration, coordination training, logistics, time- sensitivity, texting-structure, conversation skills, response training, escalation, touch class, confidence and self-esteem, multiple relationships, date formats. Each of these will be covered in great detail.

Since the age of ten, I have spent 25 years solving this mystery of separation, becoming one of the best low energy socializers along the way, and I can tell you that non-dual awakening and non-dual realization is an extremely reliable world of freedom, with all of it’s spontaneity, creativity, aliveness, and the potential for leadership in (multiple) relationships,

I’m inviting you to begin to solve your own puzzle, by tearing everything up from the roots. 
Don’t waste your life. Come home.

Andrew Lindy
Founder of Travelbum Productions

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