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Nice Guy vs. Magic

What do our Students really think about a month Workshop?

I’m nervous, really nervous … YOU’RE LUCKY, and this is why

Workshops Lengths:

1 Month Workshop

The 30 day workshop is about actual realization, a normalized lifestyle of approach habits, cultural trauma healing, non-dual awakening, social and parental freedom through therapy and shadow work. It is about REAL change.

3 Day Workshop

This three day workshop breaks the ice of your approach fears, covering dating logistics, texting, live conversation skills, sexual intent vs. nice-guy concerns. Get your dating life fired up and on the right path. You will get a comprehensive reading of your internal fears and limitations and begin to understand the path ahead to non-dual awakening.

How our Teaching can Benefit You

Learn how to communicate in a totally connected way

Complete Openness

Openness is not an attitude. The mind can actually re-wire the ego’s protective patterns. We will practice this including body transparency, making “social-freedom” exercises redundant or nonsense.

Visceral Grounding

Learn to detect and track your body’s anxiety impulses, as they paralyze or choke you up. develop the muscle memory to keep this energy where it belongs - in your centre, not with thoughts up in your head.

Embodied Trust

Ever wonder why you’re actually nervous around others? You’re afraid of others because your unconscious mind is split from your conscious mind. The unconscious mind is just your body: the blood knows where to go. The lungs know to breathe. The stomach digests. Realize yourself as your entire body and break the mental reverb due to this split.

Realized Joy

The self-realized body produces joy all by itself. Why are you unhappy? Your thoughts would not be a problem if there were not a body to suffer them. In this process, you realize the natural state of the body & mind as contentment. Cut out the alcohol and learn to harness this energy like your own natural ego-softening cocktail.

Instinctual Social Calibration

From cracking jokes to calling her out on her bullshit, to coming up with spontaneous and creative thoughts, to getting her number, to careful approach technique, to social intelligence, to sexual escalation, we will use the practices of steadying the mind, deepening the awareness and awakening subtleties of communication to arouse a totally natural and instinctive compass of social calibration.

Spontaneous Inclusion

With the use of over 30 non-duality exercises, we learn to feel and mirror the other peron's awareness, emotional and physical reality, and we come home to a shared sense of experience. The attunement to a COMMON GROUND brings us home to the relaxedness and spontaneity that we have around friends and family. No one is a stranger anymore.

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