Are You Covering Up Your Wounds With Short Term Bandaids?

Transcending Short Term Bandaids To Cover Up Your Wounds

There was a time in your life when someone held the keys to the gates, telling you how you should and should not feel, do and shouldn’t do, say, and shouldn’t say, and during that time you were just a helpless young boy.

If you avoid getting curious about the source of your fear, sadness, shame, insecurities and conflicts you will keep turning in circles, finding short term bandaids for your wounds without ever fully transforming into the complete man you can be. To face your shadows is some of the most uncomfortable work we can do, especially when we live in a culture that celebrates feeling good all the time.

There is a message in your shame, in your fear, in your sadness. There is a message that is waiting for you to understand so that you can reclaim clarity around your limitations and unconscious behaviors and emotions. Now you have the chance to re-parent that young boy, in the right way, in the way that your own parents couldn’t do, but tried their best to.

We are here to help you during this journey.

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