Create a bridge between you and her

Create A Bridge Between You And Her

As long as you keep feeling alienated and guarded in your own life, women will continue to be strangers, and you will continue to be a stranger to them.

However just a tiny taste of the bridge can dissolve the walls around you. A bridge is a way for both sides to unite. The cool thing about the kind of bridge we are hinting at here is it does not require any doing. What?? No doing? No techniques? No Game? Exactly.

The very shift from trying to control things to allowing everything to be the way it is enables you to discover the true possibility for connection.

It’s more like one starts to become vigilantly aware of all the self-doubt, projections, fears, stories that get in the way of connecting with her, AND then, with practice, one drops all of that baggage the second it shows up, at once, so that a blank slate can be revealed, full of potential, bringing you right where you are, right here and now; where safety, openness, friendship, sexuality, playfulness is felt, and spontaneously shared.

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