Do I really want to meet this person?

Do I Really Want To Meet This Person

When you see an attractive woman, every part of your being lights up like a Christmas tree doesn’t it? You might also light up into a flaming ball of fear and anxiety.

Why are you approaching?

When the time comes to show up before her and your standing face to face, are you there because you are genuinely curious to know more about this human being? Or are you just jumping into the pool with your eyes and ears closed, hands tied behind your back, somehow hoping that the water will carry you and do all of the work?

What is the work?

Well for starters you must really want to be there!

  • Are you genuinely interested in meeting this human being beyond just how her hips made your balls tingle, or how her eyes crossed paths with yours during your afternoon stroll?
  • Do you really want to discover who she is beneath the projections you place on her?
  • Are you excited and interested in being patient with yourself, as well as being patient with her own process of seeing how you fit in her life?
  • Is your intention to just seek approval from hot girls?
  • Are you embodying the simple and clear intention of wanting to meet her, without any hidden agenda?

Ask yourself these questions right now, and truly discover for yourself the power of your very own spontaneous curiosity, and how when genuinely expressed, will melt so many uncertainties, for both you and her.

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