If we don’t agree on the conflict, we are not going to have a war

If We Don't Agree On The Conflict, We Are Not Going To Have A War

Do you remember a time, a moment, an incident in your life where you reacted with disgust, or anger?

Let’s say you aggressively reacted to the way someone looked at you, and then that person reacts to your reaction, and before you know it, you are throwing hand grenades over at each other.

Reactivity according to Dan Brown IS suffering, and non-reactivity is Equanimity. To be non-reactive is to be stabilized in an absolutely open mind and clear heart. The trap that most of you continuously find yourselves in is reacting to your life conditions, instead of acting out of clarity, joy, and potentiality.

Pay attention

Conditions can include having your charm, or smile be dismissed by an attractive woman… but it doesn’t have to end there.

If she dismisses you, and you react to that dismissal in such a way that you forfeit the very original gift of showing up with genuine intention, then that is exactly what will happen: the dismissal will be affirmed, and an agreement on the conflict will have been born.

Going back in time

If you had the ability to hop in a time machine and approach that woman a dozen times for the first time, who would you be for her and for yourself after every one of her dismissals?

What if your smile and openness remained despite her dismissive body language?

What would that tell her?

How would that make her feel?

Would it potentially invite her to forgo her very own unconscious patterns of dismissing strangers in the street?

Would your stability, and unwavering offering make something crystal clear for her? – that HERE IS A MAN AND AN EXPERIENCE I CAN RELY ON – and not to mention, WILLFULLY PARTICIPATE IN – that is rooted in true authenticity, and integrity. Sure I will maybe play and enjoy myself as much as he enjoys himself 🙂 Find out the real reason why you are going to talk to her, have faith in the reason why you are truly there and remain settled in that truth as if you were alone in the world.

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