Stop Expecting Others to Give What You Need

Give Yourself The Love Youre Looking For

When we say that we are concerned about feeling complete, we often relate this to how we are seen, or whether we are seen, and wanting to feel at home, socially, or wanting a non-dual experience, and so forth.

What are you expecting other people to give you, that you are not giving yourself?

Here, you can see that we are talking about relationships. Me and you. “Two.” We are not talking about personal completeness and completeness in itself; we are talking about duality.

We’ve spent our whole lives -especially if there are developmental wounds – envisioning completeness through improved relationships.

We are trying to find completeness in the world of relationships that are inherently incomplete to us (she is over there, and I am here; there’s my opinion and your opinion; my needs and needs). It is an impossible situation. Without a physical completeness practice, we are like a rat inside a tube, struggling to get out.

The whole issue is compounded if we are caught up with our image, which is merely a reflection of ourselves.

Do we care deeply about ourselves?

What does that even mean? What would it look like?

Completeness can not be sentimental, and it can not be a concept that comes and goes based on the circumstance.

We must look somewhere else. What is embodied completeness?

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