Find a home in your silence and lead yourself into the life you desire

Find A Home In Your Silence And Lead Yourself Into The Life You Desire

The silence that I am talking about is not the idea of keeping your mouth shut in order to produce a reaction in the other person. It’s the comfort of real joy or the priceless but simple feeling that you don’t need to say anything. It’s also the silence that comes from your own dignity when you have lost someone you love and you know you don’t need to talk.

Your whole body knows what is important and what is not important. It is of absolute authenticity. In this way, the silence I am talking about is not an absence of talking. It is a giant abundance of being, and it is the thing we want most during those awkward moments.

Indeed, this is the silence of inner composure, dignity and self-comfort. It is complete safety and openness. It is the end of doubt. Let me ask you, how come you feel great around some people and you feel uncomfortable around other people? And why do you feel less exposed when you are alone?

In fact, whether you are speaking or not, there is a pre-verbal* silence that is like an inner presence or unshakeable stillness that is about discovering and revealing what is already there within you!

If you feel it when you are alone, then it is merely being obscured by your protective habits. Hows that for a contradiction?

We protect ourselves by talking or thinking AWAY from silence or inner stillness, hoping to feel more comfortable, while the comfort is right there in the stillness.

This here is the difference between faith and belief. We believe that we need to talk to avoid awkwardness. We become solid, still, powerful and confident as we embody the faith of our inner truth.

We need to practice.

There is no mindset or affirmation that will change you into this unwavering being/faith.

With the earnestness of our minds and the willingness to be uncomfortable, we discover a comfort beyond our tiny imagination.
We must get curious and deeply honest about finding out what we are not, so that we can live authentically with every single pore and bone in our body’s.

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