Being Good With The Ladies

Being Good With The Ladies

If you actually like the person that she is, chances are that enough curiosity, connection and contact took place that she will either like you as well, or you will both be in a position to see and accept that you are on different paths.

Shadow Work Helps You Feel OK

It’s the shadow work that really helps you to feel that being on different paths, or the timing being wrong, IS OK.

What I see in guys who only think their problem is approach-fear, or communication skills, or intent, or escalation, the list goes on, is that this is a battle that will go on forever. It’s frustrating to them; it’s frustrating to coaches inevitably.

Self-Validation Work and Approach Practicing

There is both significant self-validation work and approach practicing that must happen before these magical moments, or deep acceptance, is even possible. Beyond this, all the communication skills, sexual intentions, getting her to invest, are a piece of cake. You see?

Shoveling The Shit Out From The Abyss of Personal Pain

Just when you thought that being good with the ladies was about skills, or growing some balls between your legs, it turns out it’s about shoveling the shit out from an abyss of personal pain. To paraphrase Zan Perrion, “you watch porn all day, you already know your desire and your intent.” The question is are you willing to go past the shame of not being good enough to clean up the real shit that’s in the way of you having something to give?

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