How far can you go just by learning pick-up techniques?

This student is clever, expressive, funny (not necessarily in this clip); he’s in-command of language and quite good at flirting – also shameless around sexual innuendo.

Having worked at other coaching companies, I can tell you that he would be a dream student to the other coaches. But how can we help him to really connect? Why aren’t the women giving him what he wants and why isn’t he really feeling at home in his interactions?

A decent coach might tell him that he needs to slow down, be heard, allow her more space and time to invest, to understand why he is talking to her and to feel his masculine presence. But after that, what do we do?

How can this fellow really give her what she needs and get what he needs in his time with women, infield and in relationship? If you think of conversation skills and flirting and approach technique, voice control, posture, intention, emotional impact and the rest, as the cosmetics of your vehicle to a relationship, something called relational attunement, would be like the engine of this vehicle. Relational attunement is about a real feeling or “felt-sense” of shared experience.

This felt-sense is the motor for calibrating all your words, thoughts, timing, voice, posture etc. Come on a workshop and learn the power of relational attunement: the bridge between you and her, and the end of feeling like you’re around a stranger, for both of you.

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