How to talk to girls if you are not in your best mood?

How To Talk To Girls If You Are Not In Your Best Mood

This is such a critical thing to get through. We are educated by media, movies, friends and PUA’s to feel that our mood should be a certain way to optimally charm or engage a woman. Then we get into a moment and right there, right then, over and over, we trigger a deep inner feeling that we are not enough.

It is important that you watch our relational attunement series (link in the bio). We are here for complete liberation, not mood dependent liberation. Take a moment and realize the implications of this fear on your life.

Take a moment to realize how many times you’ve abandoned yourself, or judged yourself for feeling a certain way, deeming it unacceptable to go up to someone and say hello. It is grounds for great sadness. Yet replacing one mood with another is not enough. So what is it then? What do we do?

From mood to mood

As if going from room to room – I want to help you see that you are always at home, in such a way that it feels exciting and inviting to include all aspects of ourself, because – to live, fully – there’s just no other choice. Let’s work on this because you’re wasting too much of your life.

The path ahead is a path to integrate every aspect of yourself so that you never again have to sabotage yourself from being yourself.

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