Make peace with your low energy, and you will be in flow every time

Make Peace With Your Low Energy, And You Will Be In Flow Everytime

It requires a tremendous leap of faith to embark on the path of liberation, and I am not talking about popcorn freedom or part-time flow.

You must be ready to allow and include EVERYTHING that you experience inside and outside yourself, and that is just to have the chance at beginning the process of transcending your limited and clearly unreliable notions of “being in flow”.

You must see clearly that the preferences you rely on so habitually about when it’s convenient or inconvenient to connect, are concrete walls that keep you from living inside the entire house all at once, which is ALWAYS inflow.

The conflict is the perpetual hope for the right kind of mood, kind of energy or kind of digestive system when in reality it is entirely possible to get out of your own way and embrace whatever energy you are in. Stop curating who you are.

Show up fully in all of your fatigue, nervousness, farts or excitement.

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