Pure Feeling Rather Than Reactions To The Way You Feel

Pure Feeling Rather Than Reactions To The Way You Feel

If you are here you are sensitive. This means that you have feelings and thoughts about feelings. You spend time thinking about what happens for you when a beautiful woman walks into a room. And maybe even what’s happening for her. This is important to you. You want more understanding, control, and tools.

Most people do not live in or concern themselves with these subtleties. That’s not our problem. Our problem is that when you approach or meet a new person, you are unconsciously anticipating that she is not a person concerned with subtle experience and she will not accept your sensitivity. In the first place, it is unlikely that she is not sensitive. But what do you do to avoid showing your sensitivity? Lets really look at why.

Do you hide from sensitivity because the other doesn’t have the same language as you or thoughts about feelings that are important to you? Is that what you fear?

What would happen if you were more familiar with the full scope of subtle perception?

If you felt you were an ambassador of this subtlety. How would this change you and your tendency to run from it?

If it is the thoughts about feeling and acceptance that are in the way, what happens if you give up your thoughts about feelings, and feelings about feelings and replace them with pure feeling? Does that make sense? To find your pure feelings, rather than reactions to the way you feel.

Let’s get to know the subtle body, get permission from ourselves, and own it so that doubt skips over us. With voice dialogue,and some emotional embodiment exercises, let’s take a risk and see what it feels like to live purely in our subtle body. What does that do to shame and unlock in power?

Let’s locate the subtle body and give it a real seat in the theatre of your life and watch how this transforms your relationship to hiding, sensitivity, fear, and control over yourself and the opinions of others.

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