Still Suffering from Approach Anxiety After Pick Up Artist workshops?

Still Suffering From Approach Anxiety After Pick Up Artist Workshops

Does this resonate with you? Do you feel curious to see where we are pointing?

If you still have approach anxiety then guess what, you’re still alive! And there is still work to be done.
What exactly is the kind of work?

We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

In the first place, I want to recognize and give some space to the fact that we don’t know what we don’t know. You are still here reading because there is enough faith that you’re not the paralyzed body that you are used to living in, and that the thing that is stopping you is something you can’t see and that’s been with you for a long ass time.

We may not know what we don’t know, but what we are trying to do in our teaching is really bring these shadows into the light, which is all about the uncomfortable path of discovering yourself in frightening and unexpected ways, particularly the ways that were once unsafe to feel some time in the past.

There are no words to express the birthing process into the parts of yourself that you blocked away and which you have come to live so automatically with, IN THE DARK.

Having been through this ourselves, we know how much it takes to find the discipline to get your hands and mouths dirty, to dive into the shit storm of the unconscious.

Being Sick of Your Paralyzed, Fake Self

If you’re lucky, and you’re desperate or despairing enough to be sick of your paralyzed or fake self, or you just had a few moments of honest insight, there’s something in the feeling of running-in-circles that is nudging you forwards.

You are being pushed outside of this inability to connect with your same old routine behaviour which keeps you small, confused and in conflict with people and women.

And it’s true, until we go deeper, we keep looking for answers in places that keep us turning in circles.

We are here for you,

Joe & Andrew.

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