The Engine Is Fascination Itself

The Engine Is Fascination Itself

Say you are surrounded by a garden filled with cucumbers, apples, beets, potatoes, grains, greens etc, but you are not in the slightest bit hungry, would you pay attention to all that food? Would you care? You are right. No you wouldn’t.

The extent to which you can genuinely have and embody infectious, attractive and authentic curiosity for others is based on how thirsty you are to discover more about yourself in every moment, especially when it comes to all those parts of you that you despise, hate, and feel limited by.

How can we practice this?

What can you truly be curious about in this very moment about yourself that you may have been ignoring for some time now?

Is it whether you are an independent enough social person?

Is it whether you have enough power and protection to act generously towards others?

Are you clear on the difference between ‘nice’ and ‘kind?’

Ask yourself right here and now, go ahead…

What do I really enjoy doing when nobody is looking?

How did I make it so far, thus far, on this planet?

What is it about my life that is the most beautiful thing?

What is it about my life that is the most confusing thing?

The very act of asking the question is the engine you need to start moving. The engine is FASCINATION ITSELF. And fascination is not a game. It is aliveness, and if you can move through life consistently driving towards this aliveness, your life will stabilize as such.

Let’s do this simple thing together: the challenge is to LITERALLY feel curiosity with your whole body by just stating the following silently : I’m genuinely curious about where I’m going, about who I am, who I am to others, about other people themselves, and about ALL of that in the wide world of completely unknown possibilities. If you did it from your head, you didn’t do it.

How does it feel? Do it. See how it feels.

Now let’s open this further, tell me; are there 3 fundamentally different types of curiosities at play here? Curiosity for yourself, curiosity for the world and curiosity for others?

“ I’m genuinely curious about myself, about the world, and about people”

Is it fundamentally the same curiosity?

If they were electric currents, obviously each compels a different kind of electricity in you, doesn’t it?

And yet the electricity itself is the same in each, isn’t it!

Can you feel that? Just the electricity?

So much of our suffering comes from the competitive (electric) currents between ourselves and the world, or ourselves and people. Or even that we can’t feel any electrical charge. Or that we don’t know how to bring the electricity to others or the world in a fluid way outside of our heads or homes and into our own spirits or the electric outlet of others or the world.

Get to know this fascination and electricity.

Know it in all three areas, separately, and in and of itself.

Practice this, lead with it.

Let it determine how you say hello.

Let it determine why you say hello.

Let it determine the way you give a compliment.

Let it determine why you give a compliment.

Let it determine what you are in people’s eyes so they can get a glimpse of that same wonder and intrigue within themselves, so they can relate back with you, the one standing right in front of them.

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