The Root of Most Of Our Life Limitations

The Root Of Most Of Our Life Limitations

Use this quarantine to shake the foundations of everything you find meaningful, and let’s start with fear.

Fear is at the top of the most meaningful things in your life. You wouldn’t be here reading this if it wasn’t. And yet – and this will be radical to hear – your interest in pickup is because you’re trying to avoid fear and find a solution to get your desires met. Be honest, it hasn’t anything to do with dealing with fear. We’re trying to avoid fear.

If you’re ready – and not everyone is – to dive into the shark-infested waters of your psyche, you can really do something amazing in this isolation period – to find your own power beneath the dominant fears that you haven’t fucking even noticed.

Start seeing your life from the inside-out: the fact that we don’t directly deal with fear before desire is proof of fear’s hold on you and the way it colors every choice and every, well, fear.

The first thing an honest and open mind will show you is that fearlessness has nothing to do with any outward behavior or an adventurous spirit. People think that Travel Bum is outgoing. What a bunch of horse shit. Travel Bum looks at himself harder in the mirror than most people ever do, and from that he manifests a liberated and ‘attracting’ life.

A fearless person has 100% to do with a very difficult and personal internal process that learns to DEMAND to see, from moment to moment, how your thoughts and actions are aligned with fear. Wake up from the dream you’re in, in your relationships, and in all areas of your life.

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