We are concerned with changing your life as a basis for changing your relationships

We Are Concerned With Changing Your Life As A Basis To Changing Your Relationships

People may not want to hear this but the reason your relationships aren’t the way you want them to be is because of the fundamental relationship you have with yourself.

How would you experience harmony with a woman if you don’t feel harmony within yourself? If what you feel, want, believe, think, know, see, hear, touch, taste isn’t in perfect alignment, than there is much work to be done internally.

I don’t know anyone who is more concerned with making the unconscious conscious when it comes to spiritual maturity, dating, intimacy and relationships than Andrew and myself.

We just give so many fucks.

We are pleased to say that our last 30-day workshop in São Paolo was exquisite, and we still can’t get over how important and fulfilling this work is to us and our students. We hope to see you and support you along your journey.

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