What am I?

This is the most important question you can ever encounter. Why? Because everything concerns YOU, as far as you are concerned. All of YOU(R problems) revolve around you.

Even your friends and family or your God are important because they are important to YOU. But now if you realized – as clear as the words on this page – that you don’t exist as you thought you do, how would this change things? Would you be more indifferent and ruthless – free to be wild? – like the essence of real social freedom? – or would you suddenly be more compassionate, attentive, empathetic, because you have nothing to lose?

Which one? Good question right? But you don’t really know for sure, do you? Yet it is the most important and transformative question on Earth? So now, without using memory, what are you? If the answer doesn’t transform your direct experience, then that isn’t it.

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