13 Day Workshop

Meditation Retreat

3 Sep to 15 Sep

1. People ask me all the time:

• How can I get out of my head? 

• How can I be more social? 

• How can I be more playful?

• How can I be in the moment? 

• How can I feel free to express myself?

The only answer: Tackle this directly by putting yourself outside your comfort zone in one of the most social settings on earth.

2. Here is the simple truth:

• You won’t be able to get out of your head unless you have an established practice that releases your mind’s hold on you.

• You won’t be able to feel more social unless you can easily connect with others.

• You won’t be able to freely play and express yourself unless you work through the wounds holding you back. 

• You won’t be able to change, unless you make a change. A big one.

Zen Meditation Retreat

The addition of a silent Zen retreat purifies the mind 5 times faster than a workshop without it.

What I have found is that facades and fears come to the surface, allowing us to work directly with hidden or disowned parts of ourselves, and therefore get results a lot more quickly.

It’s in these self-disorienting practices that the protective habits get shaken up and you can actually see the false self, and let it go. 


Learn how to communicate in a totally connected way.

Complete Openness

Openness is not an attitude. The mind can actually re-wire the ego’s protective patterns. We will practice this including body transparency, making “social-freedom” exercises redundant or nonsense.

Embodied Trust

Ever wonder why you’re actually nervous around others? You’re afraid of others because your unconscious mind is split from your conscious mind. The unconscious mind is just your body: the blood knows where to go. The lungs know to breathe. The stomach digests. Realize yourself as your entire body and break the mental reverb due to this split.

Instinctual Social Calibration

From cracking jokes to calling her out on her bullshit, to coming up with spontaneous and creative thoughts, to getting her number, to careful approach technique, to social intelligence, to sexual escalation, we will use the practices of steadying the mind, deepening the awareness and awakening subtleties of communication to arouse a totally natural and instinctive compass of social calibration.

Visceral Grounding

Learn to detect and track your body’s anxiety impulses, as they paralyze or choke you up. develop the muscle memory to keep this energy where it belongs – in your centre, not with thoughts up in your head.

Realized Joy

The self-realized body produces joy all by itself. Why are you unhappy? Your thoughts would not be a problem if there were not a body to suffer them. In this process, you realize the natural state of the body & mind as contentment. Cut out the alcohol and learn to harness this energy like your own natural ego-softening cocktail.

Spontaneous Inclusion

With the use of over 30 non-duality exercises, we learn to feel and mirror the other peron’s awareness, emotional and physical reality, and we come home to a shared sense of experience. The attunement to a COMMON GROUND brings us home to the relaxedness and spontaneity that we have around friends and family. No one is a stranger anymore.


“Every solution to connecting with women is mere strategy. Every solution is a trick. The one exception is the moment you don’t feel separate from each other. How much longer are you gonna wait for that to happen?”



He has a specialty in using 25 years of meditation to help men and women break down their sense of interpersonal anxiety to have an unconsciously unified connection. Andrew is a certified teacher in non-dual meditation and embodiment psychotherapy in The Realization Process of Non-Duality. He was famous for a web series called The Travel Bum Show, devoted to learning the dating customs and social dynamics of different cultures around the world. It had millions of views and inspired many men across the globe.



He has always been devoted to communication and deep spiritual discovery. He was a visual artist and a cinematographer who eventually couldn’t resist committing himself to his calling: guiding men and women to find their natural and unimpeded state of being. Friends and clients refer to him as a life study, with an incredible power to see things (beneath and within) that the average mind will never penetrate. Combining 6 years of daily zen practice with interpersonal healing, Joseph is known for transmitting rich insight and new perspectives.

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13 Day Workshop
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